Wait or update — 1.0.0

When are you going to present 1.0.0? There are a lot of needful thing and fixes in new version, including ones I asked to implement/fix, I just can't continue developing without them.

I heard you are going release 1.0 on first week of March. If it's still true I would wait few days. But if not, I better will compile by hand the new version with needed fixes to continue my work, and will update later to released version. I just want to know exactly =)

I would not bug the few and certainly busy dev's about specific release dates if all it takes to compile the 1.0 branch is 1 minute of your own time ;)


I just meant the release version is "stable", so more preferred to use. If 1.0 had been stable, it would be released, yes?

By the way, who did try compile phalcon for windows? I use it for local server (unfortunately =). I have got errors about the 'dev' folder doesn't exist (maybe it should be 'ext'?) and also some files missed from expected folders. Is there more accuracy instruction for windows compilation?

Unfortunately (or luckily) I never had to compile anything on Windows. If you're stuck with Windows for your daily dev routine, I'd recommend you use Vagrant (http://www.vagrantup.com) to set up a LAMP environment under which you can easily compile anything you need from scratch :)


Hi, an official beta will be released today or tomorrow, we would need some more time to finish a couple of features, so the DLLs will be avaiable today or tomorrow.

These are the instructions to compile Phalcon on Windows: http://internals.phalconphp.com/en/latest/reference/compilation.html

I have been running 1.0.0 alpha (and soon beta) on two live projects. I have not taken advantage of the upcoming forms builder but everything else works just fine.

As a matter of fact I only had to make a one line change to the log formatter and the projects were fully compatible from 0.7 to 0.9 and 1.0.0

The beta is being released today. However the stable version will be released in a few weeks since we need to work a bit on bugs (thanks community!) and improve our test suite.

It's entirely up to you. I do however feel that 1.0.0. as beta is stable for production use and that is no small feat :)