Phalcon Installation On Mac

Hi Everybody,

I installed like that

  1. git clone --depth=1 git://**
  2. cd cphalcon/build
  3. sudo ./install

Installation completed and the path show /usr/local/...... just like the below photo. So when I add in php.ini, I used full location of but I can't see phalcon in phpinfo(). What I need to do. Plz give me suggestion.


  • try a make test to see if building really worked
  • did you edit the php.ini for the cl or for your webserver?

try php -m|grep phalcon --> if you see phalcon then you edited the php.ini for the cli

There are some nice mac threads on this forum:


hey, in 2.1.x the readme is a bit more detailed for instalation:

i think you need