Phalcon forum laggy?


Am I the only one having performance issues with this forum when writing comments/adding new discussions?

If I stay in the "write" window for some time while writing. After around 5-10 minutes it takes up to 2-3 seconds for every letter to appear on screen.

I've had this issue on both my IPad(safari) and Mac and PC (both Chrome)

Regards André

Same here, my guess is that javascript syntax highlighting is responsible.

When it becomes laggy, doing a Ctrl+A Ctrl+X Ctrl+V solves the slowness for me...

Same workaround as me :)


It seems to happen when multiple code sections and links are involved. At a certain point I need to write the post in my text editor and then paste it into the comment box when I'm done.

Are you using Firefox? I've noticed the problem you mention, but only when using Firefox - Chrome seems fine.


Yes Firefox.

I have the same problem on Opera.

Same in Chrome for me :( Both in [email protected] and [email protected]

This is really annoying. Stupid JS killing the CPU with 100% usage. This shold be resolved ASAP since it's hard to use the forum. Imagine a people with slow computers and multiple tabs...

Issue is there for both FF and Chrome on amd64 and i386 GNU systems.

Fina a problem then, create solution and do PR.