Setting the isolation level

What is the best way in Phalcon to set the transaction isolation level (for a certain query)? For example to 'read uncommitted'. Would it be possible to give an example?

What do you mean by 'read uncommitted'? Getting the list of pending commits for a transaction?

I've never used isolated tx so far, but the docs might help:

Hey, thanks for your reply.

What I'm looking for is a good way in Phalcon to set these kind of settings for a transaction/query:

What I mean is something like this (I do not know whether this will work / this is probably not corrrect or not the best way to do it, but maybe it better illustrates what I want to achieve)

        $sql2         = "SELECT * FROM sometable";
        $sql3         = "COMMIT";

        $connection = $this->db;
        $data       = $connection->query($sql2);

        $results    = $data->fetchAll();