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From a PHQL Result to a Model

Hello, is it possible to create again a Model from a QueryBuilder Result with there relations?

My solution so far is to create a new model after the query again with the result like


but how does that work with relations? is there already an easier way to make it kind of automatic? Thanks PAt


Hmm, i dont realy understand your question, but i think yes. If you use in PHQL(without column select), so in result u can use the model functions and logic. I will give u an example:

    // Our model example
    namespace Models;

    class Articles extends \Adapters\Models
        public $id;
        public $title;
        public $date;
        public $content;
        public $summary;
        public $slug;

        public $thumb_sizes = array(
            array(345, 260),
            array(100, 100)

        // etc...
        $phql = "SELECT * FROM Models\Articles";
        $rows = $this->modelsManager->executeQuery($phql);

        foreach($rows as $row) {
            d($row->thumb_sizes); // here u will get model thumb_sizes

Like u see, still after PHQL query u can use model functions, filters and all. This works with two models too- like :

  $phql = "SELECT Cars.*, Brands.* FROM Cars LEFT OUTER JOIN Brands";
  $rows = $manager->executeQuery($phql);

  // ...
  foreach($rows as $row) {
    // $row->Cars->title 
    // $row->Brands->something

Good luck :)

ahh thanks for the answer. the column was the problem that i just got the "row" class and not the real model.


thanks pat

U welcome :) Yes, column was the problem :) May the force be with u :)

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I guess you meant something like partial model like in symfony/doctrine, unfortunately there is no such an option in phalcon. You have to select whole table to create model class. If you dont then you got row object.