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struggling with views


I've been trying to understand certain things around Phalcon for a website I'm building. Whereas the general notion of MVC is clear, and I understand how routing, controllers and ORM models work, I'm puzzled by views. I did manage to create my index.phtml under app/views/ which I want to be shown in every single page. Now my register view and controller is shown hierarchicaly:

  • first the index stuff, then the register form.

Here's where im puzzled/stuck:

If registration fails, I catch the error in function public signupAction inside class RegisterController. I was intending to use the flash mechanism, but want to know:

  1. can I format the output of the view displaying /register/fail
  2. can I format the output of the view displaying register/success

ATM, I flash those messages, and if I want them formated, my only option seems to write actual html inside the flash message.

I know that the hierarchy for views exists, I just don't get it. Where should the view for those scenarios be? What should it be named? How would it catch the message and display it (inside the view)?



I think you should take a look at the flash documentation:

Inside your services definition, you should define the FlashDirect to display as you want. And of course on your view you should have:


<h3>Oh nooo, fails !</h3>
<?php echo $this->getContent(); ?>//Exactly where you want to show the flash messages. 

To change views depending on what happened on controller, I usually use the picking:

You could do, if fails:

use Phalcon\Mvc\Controller;

class RegisterController extends Controller
    public function registerAction()
        $this->flash->error("Hey, something bad happened");
        //Failed !

Hope it helps,

Reggards, Henrique Otavio.

It actually makes perfect sense and really helps! Many thanks Henrique!!!