Form collection

Hello. I searched everywhere and found nothing. Can you help me? How to use the collection in the form?

<form method="post" name="form" action="index.php">
    <input name="ext[0][image]" value="">
    <textarea name="ext[0][description]" maxlength="120"></textarea>

    <input name="ext[1][image]" value="">
    <textarea name="ext[1][description]" maxlength="120"></textarea>

    <input name="ext[2][image]" value="">
    <textarea name="ext[2][description]" maxlength="120"></textarea>
    <input name="submit-form" type="submit">


After submit form in controller you can get data

$user_data = $this->getDi()->get('request')->getPost(); 

$user_data will be array:

    'ext' => [
        0 => [
            'image' => '....',
            'description' => '....',
        1 => [
            'image' => '....',
            'description' => '....',
        3 => [
            'image' => '....',
            'description' => '....',
    'submit-form' => '',

It's what you need?


No. I'm talking about how to create fields using the form of phalcon. How validate these fields. In Zend framework 2 I used collection.

Oh sory!

Please, read this article

Notice 1: every form element just call function from Phalcon\Tag, so if you need to know what params may accept Phalcon\Forms\Element\<some element> view and

If after reading you still have any questions please write its.


Thank you

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