Adding relationships

I am trying to limit the amount of data based on particular roles. For example an admin may be able to see everything, but a user can only see some things. In order to limit that I use joins and where statements in each query. Using ORM, is there anyway I can take a user role in as a parameter and add a join based on the query? This is my current code.

public static function findData($parameters=null)

        foreach ($parameters as $key => $value) {
            if ($key == "role") {
                if (in_array($value,array(5,6,7))){
                    self::query()->join('Mac\Models\Content','user_id = contentU.contentU_user_id ','contentU');
        return parent::find($parameters);

Also Is there anyway to output the query as well from an ORM through static self? For example self::getQuery()?

Thanks for any help!

I ended up solving this by creating a custom function and extending the Phalcon\Mvc\Criteria class.