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Beginner with Phalcon

Hello! At first, sorry for my english, i'm a french student developper, for my final project i have to create a web api, i choose PHP with phalcon, for begin I installed phalcon on my web server (Debian), that is good, my project it's like :

api/ app/ cache/ config/ controllers/ logs/ migrations/ models/ views/ public/ css/ files/ img/ js/ temp/ index.php index.html

that is default project, and my question is where put my route (get/post/set/delete), in which file Thank you, and sorry for my english


Hi man,

did you check this repo here ?


Hi and thank you, if i understand, i need put my route in the file api/public/index.php ?


Phalcon doesn't imposing developer where he puts anything, you can put it anywhere you want, load this file when building DI Container and set router.


ok thank you