Phalcon controller default

I wanted to learn how to create a controller and compile it in the Falcon? To have been there by default.


Thank you, but not what I'm interested in the Phalcon Framework.


its a bit too long to be explained properly ... zephir doesnt have much to do with Phalcon. They are 2 seperated projects.

Now the idea of zephir is to create your own namespace/classes.

So lets say you app is : MyApp. Create a new project using zephir named MyApp. Now inside following zephir structed, practices etc.. you create controllers / models and so on..

so we create our home/idnex controller


namespace MyApp\Controllers;

class HomeController Extends Phalcon\Mvc\Controller ( orwherever its called ) {

    public function indexAction(){
        this->view->pick('common/index'); //or whatever you do in your idnex page

now you compile your extension and you add to your php. Whereever this php version is running you will always be able to call

new \MyApp\Controllers\HomeController();

so with that cleared out, now what's left to be done in your phalcon project to tell that home/index controller is \MyApp\Controllers\HomeController and voage its working without even having this controller as php code in your project.

The tricky part is to make zephir working extending phalcon components, i remmeber I spend a day trying to figure it out. You can check check zephir issues there were some explanations going on there.

Now this is the basic idea, i guess you have to play a little bit with it in order to make it work. But its not complicated or anything like that, you just probably need a day or two. :-)

I think it should be wrote in some sticked thread how to extend phalcon, in zephir forum or in phalcon forum(or both).