I'm having a problem with devtools and Phalcon\Config

Hi, as the title says I'm having problem to run every command of devtools.

I have a phalcon micro implementation and I'm trying to generate my models but couldn't do it because of this error.

My folders structure is the following:

  • .phalcon/
  • app/
    • Config/
    • Controllers/
    • Models/
    • Services/
  • tests/
  • vendor/
  • web/
    • index.php

I made a link to /usr/bin/phalcon from vendor/phalcon/devtools/phalcon.php in order to execute the command just typing phalcon.

When I execute any command I get this error: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Phalcon\Config in vendor/phalcon/devtools/ide/2.0.2/Phalcon/Config.php on line 31

I already checked the old post that mention this same problem but anything is working for me.

I will apreciate any help you may provide.

Thank you in anticipation.