Issue with phalcon

Hi, I have this error: Fatal error: Class 'Phalcon\Ext\Widgets\Manager' not found in Module.php on line 65

Phalcon is correctly compiled and installed, I can see via phpinfo() version 2.0.10

What could be wrong?

I am using MAMP. Worked always fine, I was using: but I try also compile but issue persist.

Most of pages work fine, only where Widgets is used not work.



Ext widgets is not part ( as far as i know ) of phalcon, it seems like its your own classes.

make sure you call them with the correct namespaces, class loader is correct. Show us the loader and where you init the class

As Izo said, you haven't included the external widgets classes. In your composer.json write:

    "require": {
        "phalcon-ext/widgets": "dev-master"


Thank you, fixed!


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edited Mar '16

I am not sure which was issue, because I solved before read this reply, in another way.

I forgot to include this in composer:


after including this, issue was fixed...