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The CSS on this forum is off

Have you ever tried to change the width of your webpage. The top menu dissapears and the list of posts is floated to the right and titles have only 30% and the phalcon icon 70% of the row.

How can I use your framework when the website looks like this?

It's very amateurish. I am disappointed ;(


i am sorry to be the idiot here, but I dont care how does the front-end looks like on a back-end "tool'.

Well it fails a bit on mobile resolutions, but it's still usable... a big part of the web is not 100% responsive :)

If this is big part of your framework judgment i have bad news for you :)

edited Apr '16

This is non-sense, totally. Responsive design (front-end) has nothing to do with the core of the system which runs application.


@bimbambum1 and @Nikolay Mihaylov, Let me just say you're too dumb to use Phalcon anyway leave :-) Phalcon has nothing to do how website or forum looks, and I have news for you it looks very nice. Please go check your eyes please first and try to contribute something before you complain.

edited Apr '16

Why Nikolay Mihaylov? He said quite the opposite, quote:

If this is big part of your framework judgment i have bad news for you :)

And it is rude to say that someone is "dumb". I would say @bimbambum1 is just infantile with his thoughts which represent a lack of expirience...