In a project I have custom annotations with param values typeof array or string, Example:

     * @Route("/codes", methods=["GET"], name='api-codes')
     * @Params(code={type:"int",required:0, defaults:null})
     * @Access(["Public"])
    public function codesAction($code) {}

phalcon\Mvc\Router\Annotations->handle() method throws notice about array to string conversion with custom annotation @Access(["Public"]), Phalcon v1.2.4. I propose that annotation parser need to completly skip unsupported or foreign annotaion names, this will add support of custom annotations parsing and dont cause errors as that. In source code ext/mvc/router/annotations.c::processAnnotation seems like it works like proposed(parses only "Route, Get, Post, Put, Options" names), but still throws notice.