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installation problem

Hi everyone, I would start to use Phalcon, but I find in the begining installation problem, the problem is:I use php realease 5.6.8 and when i would download phalcon i found just available for 5.6.9, due to i can't install phalcon plz, I need your help!!! Best regards


That's a bit confusing. Normally, a Phalcon package is not specific when it comes to minor versions as there is a version for 5.6.0 instead. What platform are you using?

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Hello friend,

Can you provide us information about OS you are using? Actualy, what error do you have?

Prerequisite packages are listed below so PHP version is not a problem:

PHP >= 5.3 development resources
GCC compiler (Linux/Solaris)
Git (if not already installed in your system - unless you download the package from GitHub and upload it on your server via FTP/SFTP)


Hello friend, Oh thankyou very much, I solve the problem, I had confision in the OS version, instead of download the 86bit , i had download the 64bit. Best regards!!!