deploy phalcon to remote server via ftp

Hi, sorry for an elementary question, but I´m new to phalcon and haven´t found any relevant answer for the question - how to create, thow all basic, webapp, ready to be deployed on a remote server via ftp. Are there any prerequisites for the hosting server? Thank you.

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  1. PHP 5.x or 7.0 (ideally the same you use on your machine)
  2. Phalcon extension which you need (1.3, 2.0 or 2.1)
  3. PHP extensions which you use (gd, pdo, curl, ...)

other software like DB, webserver, etc.


Thanks a lot David, things are, that I have Phalcon 2 installed on xampp locally, created a basic project and tried to deploy it on my hosting server via ftp (just to test how it works). Just, the app lacks all the scafolding of Phalcon. It´s ment to by used for development locally. So how to make the app all ready (all classes atc) for upload?

You have to use hosting with Phalcon extension installed, without this extension, your application wont run, sorry.


that´s a pitty, thanks any way

Or just buy cheap vps like ovh or digitalocean.


it is not about money, just the use of phalcon gets limitted; and my hoster does not support it

So change host or write to support is it possible to install phalcon.