[SOLVED] Dynamically add Variables to Loop

Hi community!

I want to dynamically add metddata in the HTML-header. There are tags that have to be on every site. These are added in a default-parent-controller. But what about the child controllers? Currently I have a loop in the view an add the tags in the parent-controller in the initialize action via ```php $this->view->myMetaTags = $myMetaTags; ``` But when I want to add some tags in the child-controller the loop is already filled with the parent tags.

I thought about an eventsmanager on the view with the method beforeRender. I that an acceptable way and how is this done?

greetings Eike


Finally a solved this problem with an event manager. To the "view" in the DependencyInjector a added the following:

$di->set('view', function() use ($config) {
    $view = new \Phalcon\Mvc\View();
    $eventsManager = new Phalcon\Events\Manager();

    $eventsManager->attach("view:beforeRender", MyMetaData::getInstance());

return $view;
}, true);

The MyMetaData collects all the metainformations: ```php class MyMetaData { public $metaData = array(); public static $instance = null;

 * @return MyMetaData
public static function getInstance() {
    if (null === self::$instance) {
        self::$instance = new MyMetaData();
    return self::$instance;

public function __construct() {}

 * @param array $metaData
public function appendMetaData(array $metaData) {
    if (true === isset($metaData['name']) && true === isset($metaData['content'])) {
        $this->metaData[] = $metaData;

public function beforeRender($event, $view) {
    $view->myMetaData = $this->metaData;

} ```

Then in the code I do the following: ```php MyMetaData::getInstance()->appendMetaData(array("name" => "fb:admins", "content" => "[email protected]")); ```