enqueue scripts within views and render them in header using BeforeRender

Throughout my views I have something similar (overly simplified here for discussion):

// header.php
  <?= UIAdvert::$header;  /* should echo onetwothree */ ?>
UIAdvert::$code .= 'one';

// sidebar.php
UIAdvert::$code .= 'two';

// footer.php
UIAdvert::$code .= 'three';

Using the view::BeforeRender I set UIAdvert::$header = UIAdvert::$code so that when the output buffer is flushed, I would be able to echo "onetwothree" in the header script.

This wasn't working as intended. So I changed the event from BeforeRender to BeforeRenderView. However that resulted in 'twothree' but not 'onetwothree' and the event gets called thrice (once for each view, though I can live with that for now).

What is a good way to achieve this?


Could anyone with some insight into Phalcon lifecycle shed some light on this? It seems like a trivial problem but for whatever reason, it's not working out.

Basically, I want to enqueue ad codes within my views and render them in the header.