Zephir / Phalcon as static library

Is there any way to build Zephir & Phalcon as a static library (i.e. phalcon.a) instead of a shared object?

It's just I've been building extensions for PHP & HHVM over last year & I think I've got a model that might mean we can get Phalcon on HHVM.

edited May '16

I'm not sure but phalcon highly depends on zend engine.

Also what's the point running it on hhvm ? It won't be any faster, only our code some faster, but i think on php 7 it will be fast enough.

edited May '16

IMHO, it would be too large. BTW, after PHP7 in general HHVM is becoming deprecated and combined with Phalcon... you really don't need HHVM. What you (we) neeed at that stage is horizontal scalability.