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Problems with forum?


i can't add any comment, or mark to solved.

This are my messages: You don't have enough votes available Token error. This might be CSRF attack.




It's now fixed


Thank you Andy :-) It works again.

Could we have some transparency on such issues? It was GitHub's API changes which caused this?

It seems like Github now refreshes the access keys on every login so we had to change our authorization scheme.

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I have noticed issue on Forum here after I have added my name on GitHub account.

Instead of keeping my username from GitHub as a nickname on the forum and just displaying my name over it, it did overwrite of both link and my name, so my account got broken. When I removed name from GitHub it went back to normal again.

Example of this behaviour:

Other members are using their names just fine, so I guess it's something new in relation to GitHub API? @andresgutierrez @niden