Can I install Phalcon Php on Windows Cpanel?

hi, I deployment a Rest api using Phalcon, but i dont check before what can or cant do with the cpanel, now I have all services but i cant upload them to the server... and the cpanel don't offers me the quick instalation like the others frameworks (laravel)... i just read that with Pear php can install it, but I'm little lost... can someone help me?

I think you just need to download your phalcon dll or upload it on your machine and edit php.ini. That's it, i don't see other option to be honest.

Usually, on such shared instances you don't have control over production environment, i.e. you cannot touch php.ini nor load your extensions.

Cpanel on Windows, I just can't get it why would anyone use such setup for production, that just smells like trouble.

Especially with php and IIS :D

that's exactly what is happening with me... and i can't find a way to edit the php.ini ....

So write to host provider or change hosting. Why you even need windows ?

Is it some kind of spam ? XD