Queues: beanstalkd peek by id

While there is peek (id) method in beanstalkd protocol, phalcon beanstalk library doesn't support it. What is the reason beside this? And, more important, what is the best practice to get the beanstlkd job by id? I would not like to change beanstalk library rightnow.

edited Jun '16

Phalcon\Queue\Beanstalk Class partially implements the protocol version 1.2. So, not implemented yet, there's no conspiracy ☺

You need to query beanstalkd by job id? First you'd need to store information returned by the daemon after storing data, since it generates Job ID at runtime. But I'm not aware you can query it by Job ID, in my projects I use it for batch processing, thus all the jobs are reserved and treated sequentially.