Unable to use phalcon dev tool on wamp

Hi All,

Whenever i am running command phalcon on my system it is giving me below error on command prompt. ERROR: Phalcon extension isn't installed, follow these instructions to install i t: https://docs.phalconphp.com/en/latest/reference/install.html

My development environment is wamp 3.0.0 64bit

I have successfully configured phalcon extension with wamp. after hiting http://localhost:8083 it is showing phalcon under section Loaded Extensions.

Please let me know how would i solve this problem.

Thanks, Amol

When I hear people using WAMP... xD

You need to set phalcon DLL binary for your command line PHP (php.ini). That's why it doesn't work.


Thanks Stamster,

I have made changes as you told and phalcon dev tool is working for me now.