Install phalcon-2.1.X in lnmp environment with Zephir_parser Failed

My coding environment is linux+nginx+mysql+php. When i installed the phalcon-2.1.X with the Zephir. The zephir occurs an exception:The zephir parser extension could not be found or compiled! and with a warning:copy(modules/ to open stream:No such file or directory in /test/source/zephir/Library/Compiler.php on line 280.

please help me solve this problem~

Did you installed zephir ?


if you type

which phpize
which php-config

does it work ? if not php5-dev is what you need.

also try

cd zephir/parser;
make clean
phpize --clean

Just in zephir repo do ./install -c



Did you installed zephir ?

But how ? Try to do ./install -c in zephir repo