Phalcon for arm64

Is there a way to compile Phalcon for arm64 architecture?

I'm using latest Phalcon stable (v.2.0.13) on a BCM2709 SoC. So it's ARMv7 architecture, thus 32bit only.

In a few days I'm getting new RPi 3 which has ARMv8 SoC, 64bits.

I expect Phalcon to compile on ARMv8 as well. Basically it's the compiler stuff - so your local GCC will transfer C sources into executable binaries for current machine.

Have you tried it and failed? I see no reason why it shouldn't compile, provided no dependencies are missing

I will try to compile it on my ODROID C2. Wanted to check if somebody has tried it before.

edited Jul '16

If you are running Debian/GNU on your ODROID, I don't see any issue with compiling.