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TutorialController against SignupController


I am trying to make singup form from Tutorial1:

My 'app/views/index/index.phtml' is:


echo "<h1>Hello!</h1>";

echo $this->tag->linkTo("signup", "Sign Up Here!");

Generated HTML is:

<h1>Hello!</h1><a href="/tutorial/signup">Sign Up Here!</a>

When I click "Sign Up Here" URL I get:

Exception: TutorialController handler class cannot be loaded

Why it tries to execute TutorialController when it should be SignupController?

Perhaps you missed this part from the tutorial in your bootstrap file:

$di->set('url', function () {
    $url = new UrlProvider();
    $url->setBaseUri('/tutorial/'); // This is the important part
    return $url;

Without it the router is using the default behaviour, thus thinking that Tutorial is the controller and Signup is the action.

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I've double checked my bootstrap file. It contains this section and '/tutorial/' as the base URL.

I've tried to rename SignupController to TutorialController. Phalcon asked something about 'signup action'. Why it is thinking that Tutorial is the controller?

I cloned Phalcon from repository and built it manually from source.

Please, anybody help!

Unfortunately it is showstopping problem for me... What else should I do to understand where the problem is?


Got it!...

VirtualHost pointed to subdirectory 'tutorial/public' ))


Glad you solved it by yoruself mate. Good job :)

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