Load namespaces from files


I have a question regarding namespaces, from all the documentation I can find, you have to expressively define every single namespace and its dir. I want to define the root namespace and then have directories correspond to namespaces, like this:

index.php: ```php <?php

$loader = new \Phalcon\Loader(); $loader->registerNamespaces( array( "Application" => "/" ) ); $loader->register(); ```

Now, if I create for example the file app/utils/validators/EmailValidator.php: ...


namespace Application\Utils\Validators;

class EmailValidator {}

... I want to be able to access this class without having to manually add Application\Utils and Application\Utils\Validators in the loader. Do I really have to register everything manually?

Regards, dimhoLt


It's a PSR rule that Phalcon should apply. In namespace, you should have the directories with the first letter in uppercase. So if you register 'Application' to '/' then your dir structure should be:



Actually, this appears to work... I must have done something wrong earlier. I'll update this thread if I find my mistake.