Digital Ocean Install -- Will This Cause an Issue? (Easy Install)


The One Click install at Digital Ocean for LAMP on Ubuntu installs Phalcon easily as described in the install notes. (the only thing you need to do is install git)

However I am leaving it at PHP 5.5.9 which it installs.

A. Is this going to be ok to dev an app on with Phalcon 3 until PHP 7 and 3 get all the kinks out?

B. I don't want to explain to other developers more steps if I don't have to, ie.. upgrade php to x, do this, do that.. this install is smooth. Do not want them to get discouraged with compile issues.

Do you see any issues leaving this as of now?


PS: Since 3 got announced I am getting some coworkers to try it.

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To some of us, these number matter.. and this is awesome. Not Sure why Reddit crowd hate performance.


  • Memory Used: 231.47 kb
  • Peak Memory Used: 233.8 kb
  • Page Rendered: 0 Seconds (doesnt even register)

Phalcon Hello World, Called from a Controller Method Full Framework- Not Micro

  • You have entered the Robot Controller
  • Memory Used: 254.62 kb
  • Peak Memory Used: 274.28 kb
  • Page Rendered: 0.0009 Seconds

Using Phalcon to insert a DB record using Model and Controller Full Stack Available

  • Thanks for registering!
  • Memory Used: 305.6 kb
  • Peak Memory Used: 337.51 kb
  • Page Rendered: 0.0059 Seconds

SLIM 2.6, Eloquent, Symfony HTTP Only Hello World

  • Hello, world
  • Memory Used: 490.28 kb
  • Peak Memory Used: 533.66 kb
  • Page Rendered: 0.0048 Seconds

Slim Composer Stack with 10 packages calling Hello World from Route

  • Hello, world
  • Memory Used: 527.27 kb
  • Peak Memory Used: 554.83 kb
  • Page Rendered: 0.0021 Seconds

Lumen (5.2.7) (Laravel Components 5.2.

  • Memory Used: 840.93 kb
  • Peak Memory Used: 857.3 kb
  • Page Rendered: 0.003 Seconds

Laravel Default Install Showing Laravel 5 Welcome Screen

  • Memory Used: 2.75 mb
  • Peak Memory Used: 2.8 mb
  • Page Rendered: 0.0189 Seconds


The biggest risk of developing on older, more established, technology is you'll eventually want to upgrade to the newer/better technology. If the upgrade path is difficult (ie Phalcon 3 isn't backward compatible with 2.x), the powers that be may not allow you the time to upgrade and you'll be stuck with the old tech forever.