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Oracle support what to do?

Hello how are you. I find myself doing my thesis with Oracle and Phalcon, if I say that the support is not available. Should not I update my version of Phalcon, and the version of development tools is the same truth ?. I will continue with Phalcon and Oracle, I can have difficulties .What ?. In the future they will return with Oracle?

The support is dropped for now. Adapter will be in incubator. There are just no people that knows oracle well enough in phalcon dev team to implement everything, fix issues etc.


OK, so I can continue my project? I should not update right ?. Is there a place where you can download the previous documentation in PDF ?.

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The thing is, Oracle is a big bad ass and evil corporation with only one main goal - to squeeze God damn last penny from anyone's pocket. After they acquired Sun Microsystems, they're forcing 'their' Java as the one and only tool to work with an Oracle RDBMS. They've lost interest in PHP (which they claimed to be present, they even published some books on this topic), and to tell you the truth such combination (PHP -> Oracle RDBMS) in general is very rare/hard to find. No one with a grain sense today would use Oracle at first place, when you have free alternative such as PostgreSQL. Not to mention NoSQL market which has already exploded and tends to overrun any RDBMS out there.

I guess that your best shot would be to rely on PHP official support for Oracle RDBMS (oci8), and to built your ORM wrapper around it, if you need ORM at all. That way you can use PHP (Phalcon) with Oracle RDBMS.