Is there a MongoDB backward compatibility break with Phalcon 3 + PHP 7 ?


I currently work on a project with Phalcon + PHP + MongoDB.

I started the project on Ubuntu 14.04 with Phalcon 2.0.x and PHP 5.5, and since I migrated to Ubuntu 16.04 + Phalcon 3 + PHP 7 I have some issues when I try to make ODM work.

The main reason is that MongoDB has changed its API making new API not backward compatible with the old one, as told in this post :

Then I tried to install the Mongo Client class from composer, hoping it will solve my problem :

composer require "mongodb/mongodb=^1.0.0"

then use it in service initialization :

$di->setShared('mongo', function () use ($config) {
    $client = new MongoDB\Client();
    $db = $client->selectDatabase($config->mongo_db);


    return $db;

But it's not solve the issue. When I try a findFirst on a collection I can see this error message :

Call to undefined method ::rewind()
#0 [internal function]: Phalcon\Mvc\Collection::_getResultset(Array, Object(Urls), Object(MongoDB\Database), true)
#1 .../app/tasks/ManagerTask.php(25): Phalcon\Mvc\Collection::findFirst(Array)

What do you think about that ? What should I do if I need to use collection with PHP 7 (and so with new Mongo DB library) ?

Thanks for your upcoming answers :)