for what is the dot at the beginning needed?

hello phalcon community,

I got a rather unusual question. I followed the installation guide for the developer tools for linux: Which worked but still leaves some questions for me:

" ”. ./”, (don’t forget the dot at beginning of the command):"

Could anyone explain to me (or send me a link with an explanation) of the beginning dot in this command. I am not a "linux-pro" at all, but I understand the basics and for setting up a vagrant box it would be nice to "understand what I am doing".

Furthermore it seems like I got some trouble executing this command in a vagrant enviroment - after running my shell script which includes this command nothing happens, after logging in via ssh and executing this command manually everything just works fine.

I'd appreciate every kind of help,

best regards Ludwig

edited Aug '16

AFAIK one of the primary reasons is so that the shell knows that it's attempting to execute a file in the current working directory, denoted explicitly by the prefixed ./

If there was a Linux alias or a path resolved via the environment variable of $PATH it wouldn't matter because ./ is present.