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Adding links on display to text from model


I am making a twitter clone. What I need to do is, when displaying the contents of a post/'tweet' I need to insert links to a users page wherever he is mentioned (@<username>) and link to a hashtag wherever it is mentioned (#<hashtag>).

It occured to me I could parse the contents in the Post models beforeSave() function and add the html tags to be stored in the database, but the problem with that is that is if I change the routing I'll have a database full of incorrect links, and I need the database to be without them for the API.

I could also hardcode the path up to the <username> or <hashtag> part, but that just seems like a bad idea. So how should I do it?

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I would test multiple options, but most likely I would make a Custom Volt Filter or Function for printing the post. In that filter I would parse and replace with url, this way you will always have relevant routes and usernames if user changed something.

Something like Smileys if you used them before.. you store :) in DB but you output an image to users.