Phalcon\Translate\Adapter\Gettext not supporting msgctxt (context)

Why Phalcon\Translate\Adapter\Gettext doesn't support msgctxt? msgctxt gives context to the translated word or expression.

So for example:

# messages.po file (Croatian translation)

msgctxt "optionInForms"
msgid "yes"
msgstr "da"

msgctxt "confirmation"
msgid "yes"
msgstr "OK"

Basicly, one can't use:

// This worked in Incubator Gettext class, which got removed from the Incubator
$this->getDi()->get('translation)->__('yes', 'optionInForms'); // notice double _

Now, I have the Incubator Gettext class saved and it works flawlessly, but I have two questions:

  • Did I miss something in Phalcon\Translate\Adapter\Gettext and the above can work somehow?
  • If the above can't work, why was the Incubator Gettext class removed?

I think you should create issue on github.

NFR, not affect old code if:

public string t (string $translateKey, [array $placeholders]) 


public string t (string $translateKey, [array $placeholders], [string $context])