What is best approach?

Hi, i have a user table (id - int, primary key, name - varchar, thumb - varchar).

When i create a user, i want to save thumb name prefixed with id. ex: 1, 'test user', '1_thumb.png'

I know that after inserting a record only i'll get its id. and updating thumb prefixing id (means TWO operations on each create user). I would like to the best practices in this regard... when there are many users trying to create their profile.

thanks in advance.

Some trigger in datbase after adding row ?


there are many ways to make this happen. Many people are ussing timestamp and stuff to predict which upload belongs to whom after that. I personally do it, stupid but easy.

Every time i click ( for ex. ) add new category i create a new record in the database ( I have a "flag" column that sais that this record is deleted, so its not displayed on the page ). Now once i have the ID i can use it in my form. I have a cron job running every monday that cleans all those "blank records" that are created by just clicking add category.

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Just do it in two atomic operations (INSERT, then UPDATE). InnoDB engine locks table per row/record only, you'll hardly notice any difference while using indexed primary key for UPDATE. UPDATE something WHERE PrimaryKey = 9283;


Hi, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Here, my approach here is to prefix the thumb file name with the auto generated ID and at the same time i want to store the file in file system. eg: in DB, 1, 'test user', '/assets/profile_images/1_thumb.png' in file system, ~/app_base/assets/profile_images/1_thumb.png.