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can phalcon used inside laravel

Hi i've installed phalcon already and want to use it inside laravel 5.2 for some heavy work

ex. how i can query the data using phalcon and return the result back to view it in laravel

Technically you could, but you would create a big mess :)

You will have two sets of models, one for Phalcon and others for Laravel?

If you really want to use Phalcon for data manipulation and laravel for presenting I would make a rest api on top of Phalcon. But i still dont understand why you prefer blade over volt. Or why even mix the two frameworks...


the speed my friend

phalcon is faster but im developing on laravel and want to take advantage of speed and put it on what i know

thats it

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But why ? Blade is slower than volt. So better use volt(phalcon views) too.

Just add volt engine to laravel, you have to have some interfaces in it for implementing new template engine. Then just use phalcon orm with needed phalcon services pass it to laravel view, render and that's it


I still dont undestand you, just drop laravel at all and start with clean Phalcon? Or if its old project just finish it with Laravel...

I had custom MVC framework and Codeigniter background and it was very easy to write projects with Phalcon... same as every framework I guess, just need 2 weeks to get used to the documentation :)