Use of disticnt

Hello, I can't get "distinct" to work as expected. Here's the code:

$this->view->setVar("cdb", Vols::find(array("columns"=>array("cdt_de_bord_id","cdt_de_bord"), "order"=>"cdt_de_bord ASC","distinct"=>"cdt_de_bord_id")));

Where Vols is a model created from a Postgresql view:

SELECT v.id_vol, v.saison, v.date_vol, at.id_aeronef, at.libelle AS libelle_aeronef, at.immatriculation, 
            WHEN tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 3 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 10 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 16 THEN pvi.id_annu
            ELSE pvc.id_annu
        END AS cdt_de_bord_id, 
            WHEN tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 3 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 10 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 16 THEN pil.trigram::text
                WHEN prc.prenom IS NULL THEN prc.nom::text
                ELSE btrim((prc.nom::text || ' '::text) || prc.prenom::text)
        END AS cdt_de_bord, 
            WHEN tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 3 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 10 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 16 THEN pve.id_annu
            ELSE pvo.id_annu
        END AS co_pi_id, 
            WHEN tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 3 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 10 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 16 THEN 
                WHEN pre.prenom IS NULL THEN pre.nom::text
                ELSE btrim((pre.nom::text || ' '::text) || pre.prenom::text)
            WHEN tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 4 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 5 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 7 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 11 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 12 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 12 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 13 OR tv.id_tarif_type_vol = 17 THEN v.passager::text
                WHEN pro.prenom IS NULL THEN pro.nom::text
                ELSE btrim((pro.nom::text || ' '::text) || pro.prenom::text)
        END AS co_pi, v.decollage, v.atterrissage, v.atterrissage - v.decollage AS temps_vol, rm.id_aeronef AS id_remorqueur, rm.libelle AS libelle_remorqueur, rm.immatriculation AS immatriculation_remorqueur, pvr.id_annu AS pilote_remorqueur_id, btrim((prr.nom::text || ' '::text) || prr.prenom::text) AS pilote_remorqueur, round((date_part('hour'::text, v.tps_remorque) * 100::double precision + date_part('minute'::text, v.tps_remorque) * 100::double precision / 60::double precision + date_part('second'::text, v.tps_remorque) * 100::double precision / 3600::double precision)::numeric, 0) AS temps_remorque_cent
   FROM vol v
   JOIN v_aeronef_type at ON v.id_aeronef = at.id_aeronef
   JOIN tarif_type_vol tv ON v.id_tarif_type_vol = tv.id_tarif_type_vol
   LEFT JOIN pilote_vol pvi ON v.id_vol = pvi.id_vol AND pvi.fonction = 3
   LEFT JOIN vfr_equipage pri ON pvi.id_annu = pri.personne_id
   LEFT JOIN pilote pil ON pvi.id_annu = pil.id_annu
   LEFT JOIN pilote_vol pve ON v.id_vol = pve.id_vol AND pve.fonction = 4
   LEFT JOIN vfr_equipage pre ON pve.id_annu = pre.personne_id
   LEFT JOIN pilote_vol pvc ON v.id_vol = pvc.id_vol AND pvc.fonction = 1
   LEFT JOIN vfr_equipage prc ON pvc.id_annu = prc.personne_id
   LEFT JOIN pilote_vol pvo ON v.id_vol = pvo.id_vol AND pvo.fonction = 2
   LEFT JOIN vfr_equipage pro ON pvo.id_annu = pro.personne_id
   LEFT JOIN pilote_vol pvt ON v.id_vol = pvt.id_vol AND pvt.fonction = 5
   LEFT JOIN personne prt ON pvt.id_annu = prt.personne_id
   LEFT JOIN pilote_vol pvr ON v.id_vol = pvr.id_vol AND pvr.fonction = 6
   LEFT JOIN personne prr ON pvr.id_annu = prr.personne_id
   LEFT JOIN pilote_vol pvpv ON v.id_vol = pvpv.id_vol AND pvpv.fonction = 7
   LEFT JOIN personne prpv ON pvpv.id_annu = prpv.personne_id
   LEFT JOIN compte_interne cipv ON pvpv.id_compte_interne = cipv.id_compte_interne
   LEFT JOIN pilote_vol pvpt ON v.id_vol = pvpt.id_vol AND pvpt.fonction = 8
   LEFT JOIN personne prpt ON pvpt.id_annu = prpt.personne_id
   LEFT JOIN compte_interne cipt ON pvpt.id_compte_interne = cipt.id_compte_interne
   LEFT JOIN pilote_vol pvpr ON v.id_vol = pvpr.id_vol AND pvpr.fonction = 9
   LEFT JOIN personne prpr ON pvpr.id_annu = prpr.personne_id
   LEFT JOIN compte_interne cipr ON pvpr.id_compte_interne = cipr.id_compte_interne
   LEFT JOIN pilote_vol pvpm ON v.id_vol = pvpm.id_vol AND pvpm.fonction = 10
   LEFT JOIN personne prpm ON pvpm.id_annu = prpm.personne_id
   LEFT JOIN compte_interne cipm ON pvpm.id_compte_interne = cipm.id_compte_interne
   LEFT JOIN treuil tr ON v.treuil = tr.id_treuil
   LEFT JOIN v_aeronef_type rm ON v.remorqueur = rm.id_aeronef
   LEFT JOIN remorque ro ON v.id_remorque = ro.id_remorque;

edited Jul '14

Also with phql:

$query = $this->modelsManager->createQuery("SELECT DISTINCT cdt_de_bord_id, cdt_de_bord FROM Vols ORDER BY cdt_de_bord");
        $cdb = $query->execute();
        $this->view->setVar("cdb", $cdb);

Object $cdb is not well formatted (many cdtdebordid and many cdtdebord) .... while raw SQL command "SELECT DISTINCT cdtdebordid, cdtdebord FROM Vols ORDER BY cdtdebord" gives the right object.. I'm using Phalcon 1.3.0

edited Jul '14
Vols::find(array("columns"=>array("cdt_de_bord_id","cdt_de_bord"), "order"=>"cdt_de_bord ASC","distinct"=>"cdt_de_bord_id"))


$query = $this->modelsManager->createQuery("SELECT DISTINCT cdt_de_bord_id, cdt_de_bord FROM Vols ORDER BY cdt_de_bord");
    $cdb = $query->execute();

result this Postgresql log:

exécute pdo_stmt_0000000a: SELECT "vols"."cdt_de_bord_id" AS "cdt_de_bord_id", "vols"."cdt_de_bord" AS "cdt_de_bord" FROM "public"."vols" ORDER BY "vols"."cdt_de_bord" ASC

is there something wrong