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we need to make forum possible to have moderators

i need moderator rights :D

Fix some people code identation. Delete bot posts.

Maybe when 3.0 (forum ) is online we can make is possible ?

There is already Moderation: But i guess moderators are too few and they dont have the time to check forum frequently.


a yeah. I checked git for 1 min and didnt saw it.

Well can we vote for adding new extra moderators :D

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Guess you have to speak with Andy about it, I'm willing to help too. Also Wojciech Ślawski seems very active on the forum :)

In fact im going to write him a mail now!

Also willing to help but there should be an easy way around this...


Yea, i guess i can moderate something too :D


I'm a moderator and I often do things like adding php to the top of the triple ticks to enable PHP syntax highlighting. About the bot posts its unreasonable to assume that there will always be a moderator present to instantly clean up bot posts. Someone is working on adding a captcha to the forum.

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Although its possible that we need more moderators in different time zones. Do we have a moderator in the Eastern Asia timezones?

As David said, I think we need more moderators in Eastern Asia (UTC+8,UTC+11)


Hello dschissler

Now I adding implement captcha for it you can take took at , Also I'm on timezone UTC+7 so maybe give permission moderators :)