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Why nothing happens while using events (Phalcon 3 + PHP 7)


Please consider this script :


use Phalcon\Di\FactoryDefault\Cli as CliDi;
use Phalcon\Cli\Console as ConsoleApp;

define('APP_DIR', __DIR__);
define('ROOT_DIR', APP_DIR . '/..');
define('PLUGINS_DIR', ROOT_DIR . '/plugins');

 * Read the services
$di = new CliDi();

 * Include Services
include __DIR__ . '/config/services.php';

 * Call the autoloader service.  We don't need to keep the results.

 * Get the configuration
//$config = $di->getConfig();

// extra
$di['eventsManager']->attach('console:boot', function($event, $console) {

 * Create a console application
$console = new ConsoleApp($di);

 * Process the console arguments
$arguments = [];

foreach ($argv as $k => $arg) {
    if ($k == 1) {
        $arguments['task'] = $arg;
    } elseif ($k == 2) {
        $arguments['action'] = $arg;
    } elseif ($k >= 3) {
        $arguments['params'][] = $arg;

try {

     * Handle
    echo PHP_EOL;
} catch (Exception $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage() . PHP_EOL;
    echo $e->getTraceAsString();
    echo PHP_EOL;

Does anyone knows why the god 'test' is never displayed ? Script seems to never enter in my function.

Please help me.

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I think that you need to add the following line after you create the Console object but before you call handle:


There can be a global events manager or you can choose to create an events manager for each object. This allows you to weigh the performance benefit of creating a new object versus having the event manager pass an event to all objects.



Thanks for your reply :)

I found another way to do what I wanted to do without using event system, but I even though tried your solution. Just after Phalcon\Console instanciation I wrote :


then my listener was well recognized (and "test" string was displayed !)

I was being misled by the fact that Phalcon\Console inherits from Phalcon\Injectable through Phalcon\Application. As Dependency Injector contains the eventsManager service, I thought that Console and eventsManager service were naturally connected since Console is an Injectable, but I was wrong : as you answered me, developer has to manually set an EventManager in Console instance.

Thanks for your reply !


If everything that could possibly listen to events was always fully hooked up then it would needlessly slow the system down.