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viewing volt tag helper's parameters

I am trying to create a select box. If I have {{ select(param1, param2, param3) }}. How can I see what the parameters are that I need to pass in? I am using phpstorm and would prefer to be able to press ctrl + p to view the functions parameters.

FInd support for Volt in PHPStorm. I use Twig filetype and not work Ctrl+P for Tag helpers. Is necessary create plugin for Volt.

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Volt is an ultra-fast and designer friendly templating language written in C for PHP.

So, it's not 'available' per se, but just like regular PHP function - you need to go to manual to check out description etc.

I'm using PhpStorm with Twig support for Volt, which is fine for daily usage once you get into the syntax via Phalcon docs or Zephir source.