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Developer tools issue:Could not open input file

I am using windows 10 and xamp. I have followed the instructions given here But when I tires to run phalcon command it shows Could not open input file: E:\phalcon-devtools-master. How I can solve this issue?

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  • clone phalcon-devtools
  • set permissions for execute phalcon.bat
  • add phalcon.bat to $PATH



"add phalcon.bat to $PATH". Can you please tell me the name of the file and location.


Sorry, correction here:

  • Install phalcon
  • clone phalcon-devtools
  • set permissions and execute phalcon.bat
  • add directory c:\phalcon-devtools to PATH (i.e c:\phalcon-devtools)
  • add directory of php.exe to PATH (i.e c:\wammp\bin\php\php54 )



more info:

Thank you Edwin Manuel Cerrón Angeles. Finally I have figured out my problem. I have multiple php versions and both of them was added in PATH. I have solved the problem by removing one of them from the PATH.