Phalcon DevTools

So the command : phalcon controller --name=projectinvoices --directory=./apps/manager/controllers , is not working , says to specify a directory .

Any help ?

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phalcon controller --name=projectinvoices --directory=.//apps//manager//controllers//

or full path with double /.


I checked, the --directory directive seems to have no effect. What you specify in the controllersDir in your config is what determines where the controller is created. Although the command executed without errors for me but it created controller in controllersDir. I am using Devtools Version (2.1.0 RC 1). Same result with double / as @Edwin suggested.

C:\Wamp\www\test>phalcon controller --name=projectinvoices --directory=/apps/manager/controllers

Phalcon DevTools (2.1.0 RC 1)

  Success: Controller "projectinvoices" was successfully created.