Do these guys on ( ) have permission from the Phalcon team to use the Phalcon logo and the name "Phalcon" (the same image) on the page

Could I also buy e.g. , btw. it's still available ;), and start a blog/forum/ about Phalcon in German?

Could somebody from the team tell me if I can do that or if I cannot?

@bpmvrzsf You can do anything you like really. The forum you pointed out is manned by a member of this forum, user and contributor. You can use the logo etc. and create a forum of yourself so long as you state that that is not the official phalconphp forum.

In the future we will definitely need to revisit the multilingual area of the project and adjust the forum to allow discussions only in that language - something like creating subforums etc.


That's great!