Setting up Phalcon on Mac (El Capitan)


I am trying to install Phalcon on my mac (OS X El Capitan version 10.11.6) and im facing some issues. I have AMPPS v3.6 installed and PHP 7.0.10.

From my /Applications/AMPPS folder, I've installed phalcon using homebrew and installed cphalcon in the same directory.

Now when I try to check my phpinfo(), phalcon does not show up and when I type php -v in the terminal, I get a warning as seen in the screenshot.

Can anyone please help me?

php -v

How exactly did you installed phalcon ?

@Wojciech Ślawski. Thanks for taking the interest to solve my problem.

I have resolved the above issue by uninstalling AMPPS and installing MAMP. Phalcon installed smoothly when I used MAMP and followed the instructions as given on the Phalcon website.