php-config is not installed

I'm transfering my server and i'll install phalcon 3.x based php7 and easyapache4.

When i run the command: ./install

php-config is not installed

I tried to install: yum install php7.0-dev

No package php7.0-dev available.

Anybody help me? Thanks

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yum install epel-release
rpm -Uvh
rpm -Uvh
yum install php70w-devel

If this still not working post result of yum search php70

Couldn't resolve host ''

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Well it's someone just in tutorial posted wrong link :D

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I installed for Centos6 and run the yum install php70w-devel

Error: xz compression not available

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Depends on your centos version i guess.

Wrong epel-release, idk centos that much, just i guess you have someing broken with sources.

Also your problem is not framework related though, just check it in google how to install php70-devel.

There is something too:

Installed both and yum install php70w-devel

No package php70w-devel available.

Idk im not centos expert. Maybe try php70-devel or just switch to normal linux like debian/ubuntu. Or just google it men, this problem is super common. Why use forum for this if it's not framework related at all ?

For RedHad based distro's, instead of package-dev you need: package-devel. But IMHO, you're missing a lot more than dev PHP on your system. xz not available etc.