Migration generate table partially works


I have found another bug with migrations in 3.0.1 (Running phalcon 3.0.1 as well PHP 5.6). I am generating for a given table, it runs generates the new version folder (in this case 1.0.8) and addes the migraiton files, but in the migration file class name has _107 appened and not_108.

Phalcon DevTools (3.0.1)

1474643776.3527: DESCRIBE .blogs => 1474643776.3553 (0.0025978088378906) 1474643776.3559: SHOW INDEXES FROM .blogs => 1474643776.3563 (0.00039196014404297) Blah blah here

Success: Version 1.0.8 was successfully generated

Obvisouly its an easy fix, i just rename the 107 to 108, but it would be nice if it worked!


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I also had problems with migration, my particular solution is not to use migrations and use an external tool.

visual Paradigm

If you want to continue using migrations have to debug with breakpoints and report the Bug and if you can fix it.