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backtrace not show closure in Micro app: debug component

testing and checking: Whoops with "debug component" Backtrace the Phalcon needs improvement, since it is cut into the anonymous function.


I don't understand 90% of your posts to be honest. What exactly you mean ? If you want some new feature then create NFR in github, if you have idea how to implement id then do PR.


did you check if annonymos function on blank php file are displayed ?

does the phalcon build in debug component shows them ?

backtrace appears blank.

But this was because in my index.php had a try/catch.

On the other hand, I like 'whoops component' I think I'll make a PR for the backtrace is similar. Thank you.

Is there any IDE for Zephir?

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PHPStorm with zephir plugin, but this only syntax. Not auto completion, intellisense or anything like this. We just don't have money to hire developers to work on stuff like this like IDE for Zephir(!), and no one is working on phalcon/zephir fulltime obviously.

And I tried, but I'm looking for a 'linter'

linter to zephir?

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No, no linter, as i said - we don't have time and money for stuff like this.

zephir build is basically a linter itself too, it will check for any errors while compiling it.

Im guessing it could be good if we would add only command for checking syntax like zephir lint

Already created nfr in zephir repo.

Well zephir generate will only generate c code - so as well check syntax.