Phalcon + Winginx

I have installed Winginx (software) for PHP + nginx + mysql and I want to add phalcon to it. I have already added phalcon dll file to php.ini but when phpinfo does not show phalcon extension installed in it.

Did you restarted php handler ?

yes i have restarted but no affect

Then you added this extension to wrong php.ini

No I have added to the right php.ini located in php5 folder in winginx


in phpinfo() it shows the path to the php.ini that is used. Check it jsut to be sure :D.

also in terminal .. ah nvm i see .dll i guess its windows

Then it's possible you download wrong dll file for phalcom, did you have any error when starting php ? Also you are using php-fpm/php-cgi i guess ? You sure you don't have other ini file for fpm/cgi ?

I have got no error when starting php. By the way I have installed same dll file on my xampp server and it works fine.

Can you Please try to install phalcon dll file on this winginx (software package) so you can get the idea of the problem.

edited Oct '16

No i can't. Not using windows for webserver. Also this is not phalcon problem, you just intalled, copied, edited php.ini uncorrectly. Go on winginx support and ask them how to add new extension to webserver.