Phalcon Cookbook is ready for pre-order

Serghei Lakovlev and David Schissler wrote Phalcon Cookbook which is now available to pre-order.

Phalcon is a high-performance PHP framework delivered as a PHP extension. This provides new opportunities for speed and application design, which until recently has been unrealized in the PHP ecosystem.

Packed with simple learning exercises, technology protoypes, and real-world usable code, this book will guide you from the beginner and setup stage all the way to advanced usage. You will learn how to avoid niche pitfalls, how to use the command-line developer tools, how to integrate with new web standards, as well as how to set up and customize the MVC application structure.

You will see how Phalcon can be used to quickly set up a single file web application as well as a complex multi-module application suitable for long-term projects. Some of the recipes focus on abstract concepts that are vital to get a deep comprehension of Phalcon and others are designed as a vehicle to deliver real-world usable classes and code snippets to solve advanced problems. You’ll start out with basic setup and application structure and then move onto the Phalcon MVC and routing implementation, the power of the ORM and Phalcon Query Language, and Phalcon’s own Volt templating system. Finally, you will move on to caching, security, and optimization.


awesome thanks

Do you plan to sell the book by google play ? Like this one for example:

The link is bad.

I just did "copy and paste" from my browser. Anyway, I asked about I would like to buy the book, but from google store. That's my question - do you plan to sell the book using google store or it's PacktPub exclusively ?

edited Nov '16

I'll inquire about it. I do see other Packt books in the Google store so it does look as though it will be possible. We are still in a pre-order period now so likely it will be available on Google Books once it is published.