Phalcon view controller is not controlling the view

I'm programming an admin web ui for a online system, I managed to mount a url to the view using,

        function () use ($app){
            //no echo here

And my Main controller is like,


class MainController extends ControllerBase

    public function initialize()
        $this->tag->setTitle('Home Page');


    public function indexAction()


My view structure is like,


My problem is no matter how I change the MainController code, it doesn't affect anything on the rendered view main,index. So I wish to know what's wrong here?

All I wanted is just for all my pages, there can be a nav bar showing, the nav bar code should be in nav.volt file. However this is not working.



I think that you are trying to use MVC full stack framework in the context of a micro app.

If you want to use controllers with micro app have a look here: