Phalcon Cookbook !!

We are happy to announce that the Phalcon Cookbook is available for preorder.

The book has been written by

  • Serghei Iakovlev, a member of the Phalcon Team and regular in the Phalcon Slack room
  • David Schissler, one of the most vocal members of our community and great contributor, also a regular in the Phalcon Slack room

The book contains hands on recipes that have been implemented with the industry best practices for web as well as CLI applications.

Those recipes aim to increase the understanding of doing things the Phalcon way and with minor adjustments can be pluigged into any application.




I bought a couple of years ago Yii 1.1 coockbook and it was great value. But now I'm in love with phalcon ;-)

Maybe next month I will have a couple of bucks for buying that one.


thanks will buy ASAP

Ordered it 5 minutes ago.


Congratulations! I've ordered an eBook version and I'm looking forward to the date it is published. Thank you Phalcon team!

edited Nov '16

Yes I will also be ordering three printed copies for Christmas gifts. I recommend that everyone order at least two copies.

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Nice work guys! I just bought the eBook+Print! I can't think of a better christmas present to myself! When do you plan to publish it :-) ?


It should be published before the end of the month.


Done , Bought! ;)


The book was published today. Enjoy.

Yay I got one as well. Hope it arrives before Christmas:)


Thank you for this book. Ordered!

Great book, our company will buy few copies of it for less-expirienced Phalcon devs :)

Ordered ! Thanks :)

Done , Bought! Thank you :)

I have it! But, I cannot get the code. Help me! Thank you.


@Juan What does that mean?

Love it. Would you please give me some advice where I can find PDO examples explained in the way that the book is using with "using the query builder for complete .." I will really really appreciate that. Greetings.

I was long waiting for something like this! Will definitely order it.


Intending to buy this! just to check, is the book updated to the latest version of phalcon?


It was written for Phalcon 3.0 and Phalcon uses semver so it will work with the entire Phalcon 3.x series.